Make your data work

With data science, you can identify undiscovered potential, recognise patterns and make predictions. After an explorative analysis, you make decisions based on data and can optimise and automate your processes.

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Our performance in the area of data science

Our data science experts analyse and explain your data and develop modern solutions together with our experienced software developers. In doing so, we pay attention to data protection compliance. So that you can benefit sustainably from the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Computer vision

  • Object recognition
  • Segmentation

With the help of computer vision, you can recognise and localise objects and people in images. This can automate processes and simplify workflows.

Data analytics

  • Data integration & preparation
  • Visual and statistical analysis
  • Reports
  • Dashboards

We merge and cleanse disparate data sources and help you gain new insights into your business.

Predictive analytics

  • Time series analysis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Customer segmentation

We look for groupings and anomalies in your data and use insights gained to make predictions.

Three steps to success

Our approach to data science projects:

Die beiden UX-Experten


During a personal meeting, we identify data potentials in your business model.


With an explorative analysis and a PoC, you get an insight into the quality and possibilities of your data in the shortest possible time. Depending on your needs, you will receive a written report or a visualisation.

micromata-Mitarbeiter Florian Reuter klebt bunte Post-its an eine Glastür, frontal durch diese Tür fotografiert
Softwareentwickler Volker Börner an seinem Rechner sitzend, von hinten fotografiert


We make your software intelligent: depending on your requirements, we integrate an intelligent algorithm into an existing application or develop a completely new software. If required, we can bring your application into the cloud.

Show cases

We take data protection seriously. However, to give you an insight into our expertise, we use free data sets to show you our procedure and what conclusions can be drawn from the respective data.

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