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The high development dynamics of digitalisation require both smooth operation and high scalability of your software. DevOps provides both.

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DevOps stands for early and continuous delivery of software that offers the highest added value for customers and users. To this end, we distribute overall responsibility among interdisciplinary teams of front- and back-end developers, system administrators, security specialists and UX designers.

Your benefits

Short time to market

The development process is accelerated through the agile breaking down of requirements into epics that can be implemented independently of each other. With the use of a CI/CD pipeline that connects the development environment with production via appropriate test levels, individual features including recursion tests can be brought to production within a few hours. This allows you to react quickly to changing user requirements and remain competitive even in an agile market environment.

Minimal friction losses

The direct interaction between development and operations in one team thanks to the DevOps concept leads to significant synergy effects. If support is needed, there are no barriers to direct assistance. Analysis and solution times are shortened enormously. Thus, we guarantee cost efficiency and maximum responsiveness.

High system stability

The combination of optimal monitoring and many years of experience in operation is our foundation for high system stability. This is strengthened by a sensible test pyramid that extends from unit tests, load tests, automated GUI tests to manual user acceptance tests and thus ensures stability even before going live.

How we work

By working closely with our customers from the very beginning, we penetrate the professionalism of the application. We support and advise you in all matters. Our focus here is on collaborative solution finding to best meet your requirements and develop a future-proof software solution for you.


Automation makes it possible to build complex CI/CD chains in which the application is built and tested in a standardised way. This means that more tests can be carried out in less time, which is especially helpful for regression tests of long-running applications. This reduces the complexity of a CI/CD pipeline across different environments and data centres.

Deployment pipeline

Via a CI/CD pipeline, individual feature branches can be deployed independently on test systems for user acceptance tests. The combination with common container technology results in significantly higher system stability, as there is only one code source and one build process. Furthermore, deployment is massively simplified, as containers can be replicated and moved as required.

Log management

High-quality, professional and technical logging supports application operation as well as maintenance and development. By classifying the entries accordingly, the log supports our developers in their daily work.

Cloud platforms

All the advantages of agile development and agile deployment mentioned so far unfold a further benefit in a cloud environment – in the form of free scalability. In the cloud, additional application containers can be started dynamically and automatically during peak load times and shut down as soon as they are no longer needed.


Digitalisation is advancing. Join us and benefit from our many years of experience in development, hosting, maintenance and operation. We look forward to your project!

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