Full Remote Projects

We work in a network. Thanks to the right tools, we are able to cooperate with our clients securely and smoothly at all times - no matter where they and we are in the world.

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Working remotely in projects opens up many possibilities. Even time-critical and agile projects can be driven forward efficiently. All development services, from requirements engineering to DevOps, are performed remotely. We set up and provide the necessary infrastructure.

Your benefits

Efficient, direct, flexible

Not being spatially dependent on each other is one of the greatest advantages of networked work. Digitalisation enables us to work together across large distances – directly, flexibly and efficiently. We implement adjustments, changes or new features agilely and directly.

Project infrastructure included

There are a number of suitable tools for distributed working that may not yet be established with every customer. We make full remote projects available as an all-round carefree package, implement and operate the complete infrastructure for work organisation on request – from video telephony to workshops, ticketing or Kanban and the like.

Collaboration instead of bureaucracy

In return, we free the entire communication from unnecessary bureaucracy. Collaborative work on documents, task lists or timelines ensures that the entire team is always in sync – and for maximum identification with the common goals – without long waiting times and organisational friction losses.

Security & Data Protection

We work at the highest security level – also and especially in full remote projects. From the provision of secure connections, to defensible hardware and software, to the personal conduct of our employees at the remote workplace: your projects and data are safe with us.

Interest aroused?

No matter where you are or where we are – our full remote mindset makes us the perfect partner. You too can benefit from efficient and cooperative collaboration – across any geographical distance.

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