Micromata member of the ACS

Micromata ist Teilnehmer bei der Allianz für Cybersicherheit (ACS)

As a know-how provider in the field of IT security, Micromata has been part of the Alliance for Cyber Security (ACS) since this year. The public-private partnership was founded in 2012 under the auspices of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and has set itself the task of strengthening and further developing digital security in Germany as a business location.

And that seems to be urgently needed. After all, cybercrime continues to develop just as dynamically as digitization itself. Whereas three years ago you could recognize a contaminated fake e-mail at first glance, today its appearance is so professional that the uninitiated can easily be fooled. And that is just one of many possible attack vectors. In the attackers’ sights: sensitive information, business-critical data, entire IT system landscapes. Targets: Destabilization, espionage, money.

Increasing security standards

But there is resistance. The ACS is the largest network of its kind in Europe to date and, as of 2022, has thousands of members from almost all industries and economic sectors: including IT service providers such as Micromata, numerous companies from industry & commerce, and representatives of the public sector.

The size and diversity of the network are intended to ensure that security standards in Germany as a whole rise – thanks to an intensive professional exchange between participants and a lively transfer of knowledge beyond the boundaries of one’s own company.

Sharing knowledge

The ACS offers a platform where experts and companies can exchange information: about acute and potential threats, about their defense, effective prevention, technologies and best practices. Formats of know-how transfer are workshops and webinars, expert symposia, lectures and partnerships.

For Micromata, membership in the ACS is a logical consequence of its own security expertise, which we are happy to share and further consolidate. “Given the pace at which digitization is progressing, and with it its abuse, we would do well to keep our finger on the pulse of current developments,” says Dominique Wüst, Project Manager in the IT Security division at Micromata. “The ACS is one of several building blocks to pass on our security know-how and to keep it at an excellent level. Also and absolutely in the sense of our customers, whose IT security we feel committed to.”

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