Business Development with KPIs

Darstellung eines Laptops, das auf dem Bildschirm verschiedene Graphiken von Daten zeigt, die mithilfe von KPIs erhoben werden können


Data analysis

Performance optimization

Millions of digital data are generated in the IT landscape of our client every day – a great potential to generate real added value: Optimizing business processes, checking the effectiveness of measures, and further developing the company in a data-driven manner. Business development based on KPIs.


  • Provision of benchmarks, comparative values and forecasts
  • Presentation of performance development of individual units, groups and markets
  • Preparation of key figures including dependencies
  • General improvement of data quality
  • Seamless integration into the company-specific corporate design
  • A usability concept that convinces all users – in Asia, Europe and Australia
  • Highest data protection standards and a modern data center – regardless of access location


  • The result is a KPI solution that not only helps identify potentials and success factors, but also supports users in the best possible way with intelligent workflows and intuitive features
  • Transparency: Interrelationships in the data are identified and made clear
  • Strategic benefit: Users recognize clear potential for the strategic improvement of their measures
  • Services: Diagrams, comparisons and indicators help with data analysis
    Convenience: Frontend and user guidance follow previously identified user needs
  • Simplicity: Intuitive data maintenance and quality assurance, leaving more time for the essentials

Architecture principle

  • High-performance NoSQL database for live analytics and computations
  • RESTful APIs
  • Distributed database cluster
  • CI/CD build pipeline
  • Mobile-compatible single page application

Technology stack

  • Basics: Java, Maven, NPM, Node, Git
  • Containerization: Docker, Rancher
  • Spring Boot, Spring Data, Cassandra, SAML 2.0
  • Angular, Bootstrap

Set of methods

  • Research
    • Qualitative user interviews in China, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland
    • Prototype-based requirements workshops
  • Requirements engineering
    • User story mapping to visualize requirements
    • Refinement of requirements in a small interdisciplinary team consisting of frontend, backend, UX and IT security experts
    • Iterative and cooperative collaboration with the business side
  • Development
    • QDD – Quality Driven Design
    • DevOps
    • Kanban

Customer benefits

  • User-centeredness – thanks to prior requirements workshops
  • Future-proof – high data quality for BI and Smart Analytics
  • Performance – fast data retrieval through innovative DB technology
  • Value creation relevance  – substantial contribution to the improvement of KPIs
  • Planability – data overview and comparisons to support strategic planning
  • Data quality – automatic validation in the system
Stephanie Wegner

Stephanie Wegner

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