To the last mile: The DHL Track & Trace

Track & trace at DHL

With 4 billion parcels a year at last count, online retailing continues to be a growth market. To cope with the high volume of orders, logistics specialist DHL is increasingly relying on data-driven digital technologies.

These include a modern track & trace system that creates maximum transparency about delivery duration, delivery route and delivery time.

Intelligent shipment tracking provides all stakeholders in the delivery process with a constant and complete overview of the individual track events along the entire transport route.

Particularly valuable for logistics companies: a live tracking display on the last mile – the „hot phase“ of delivery, which is considered mission-critical in transportation because it can result in high costs. Accurate tracking in this final stretch is therefore a key competitive advantage, as it significantly increases the likelihood of a handover on the first delivery attempt. Faster and more targeted delivery results in:

  • higher customer satisfaction,
  • more efficient use of resources,
  • substantial relief for roads and the environment,
  • stress reduction for drivers,
  • increase of the first delivery rate (E+1).

The system developed by Micromata implements the following functional-technical requirements for this purpose:

  • seamless integration into the existing logistics portal,
  • high availability with low resource consumption,
  • high computing power with a data load of more than 35 million page impressions per day
  • live tracking via GPS,
  • mapping of all tracking events,
  • dynamic integration of other portal content and functionalities,
    Provision of data in HTML, XML, JSON, PDF and other formats,
  • internationalizability and configurability for different countries worldwide,
  • preservation of postal secrecy with maximum accessibility to information,
  • protection against hacker attacks and DoS attacks.

Another competitive advantage is that the solution can be scaled as required. This allows DHL to respond flexibly and cost-effectively to potential changes – whether these are changes in the market environment, new services for end customers or new legal requirements. Thanks to the software’s lean and modular design principle, the operator remains maximally capable of action even in the face of changing goals.

Andreas Richter, Head of IT-Systeme Consumer Contact Paket

„Micromata is a reliable partner to achieve our ambitious goals and provide the best service to our customers!“

Hendrik Thole

Hendrik Thole

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