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Volkswagen is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. A widespread dealer structure on all continents ensures the global success of the VW brand. In order to provide the German Volkswagen dealerships with the necessary marketing tools, Volkswagen operates an individual marketing platform „Volkswagen Advertising“ from Micromata in the area of sales and aftersales, which has also been available to Volkswagen importers and their dealers since July 2009.


A globally active company like Volkswagen with centralised marketing and a decentralised sales structure faces numerous challenges: On the one hand, there are the often long communication channels that entail complex coordination processes in the area of B-to-B and B-to-C publications. This is why it is important to manage the cooperation of all those involved, from the creation of the marketing products to the print shop and the individual Volkswagen dealers, in such a way that they mesh optimally. On the other hand, the variety and diversity of the countries in which the Volkswagen models are sold and advertised together with accessories and original parts must be taken into account. Here it is important to do justice to local peculiarities and different target groups.


Volkswagen Germany is meeting these challenges with software from Micromata that efficiently combines both factors, the central marketing strategy and the individual requirements of the trade, and significantly reduces all the necessary effort. All coordination and ordering processes are now carried out simply and quickly on a single platform: In the process, numerous advertising materials can not only be ordered, but also individualised according to the respective site conditions. The only effort: a few simple mouse clicks. The system then converts the finished designs into print-ready PDF files within a very short time (10 PDFs per second).

A key advantage of the application for us is the certainty that Volkswagen’s corporate design is maintained at all times, despite all the freedom of individualisation, and that the uniform appearance of the brand is guaranteed.

Dana Plath, Head of Product Management at Volkswagen Aftersales at the time of quotation.


With the help of precise logging, Volkswagen always has an overview of the processes on the platform and can call up statistics at any time:

The transparency of this software is a great benefit for us: thanks to reliable reporting, we can follow the acceptance and implementation of our marketing strategies and control them in a targeted manner.

Andreas Hartig, Head of Marketing Volkswagen Service Germany at the time of the quote.

The result

Nationwide alone, over 2,000 Volkswagen dealers are supplied with more than many million individual brochures annually within a very short time. This sustained success on the German market was continued with the internationalisation of the platform: It is now also open for use by dealers from other parts of the world.

Alexander Podlich

Alexander Podlich

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