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Your benefits

In order to be able to react flexibly and agilely to possible attack vectors, we offer you individual penetration tests. These are optimally aligned to the specific requirements of your web application and infrastructure – whether standard or individual software in a server or cloud infrastructure.

Our service packages


ab 4.500
  • Scans and manual evaluation
  • Technical report
  • simulation of criminal attack
  • Low organizational effort


ab 7.500
  • manual review
  • Insight into the functioning of the application / systems is partly given
  • Management interview / prioritization
  • Technical or management report, Q&A


ab 12.000
  • Code analysis
  • Insight into the functioning of the application / systems is given
  • Management Interview
  • Individual report
  • Presentation Report / Q&A
  • Comprehensive insights into the possible weak points

Not the right service package for you? No problem!

Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to put together a service package tailored to your individual needs.

Do you need a quick first introduction to the topic of cybersecurity?
Then we recommend our Security Check

Our way of working

Our approach follows the recommendations of OWASP and the BSI.


Together with you, we get an overview of your requirements, create an individual checklist and define the framework parameters.


Depending on the framework parameters, we perform blackbox, greybox or whitebox testing, taking into account the OWASP Testing Guide and the BSI Pentesting Guide. We analyze vulnerabilities and security gaps and inform you immediately about critical anomalies.


We prepare documentation with a description of the weak points and a description of how to reproduce the findings.


We will go through the documentation with you personally and offer you advice and support for the elimination. We are also available to answer any questions you may have.

Measures (optional)

Based on the findings, we work with you to create an individual action plan tailored to your situation. We support you in the internal implementation of the measures and, if necessary, train your employees in a target group-oriented manner.

Verification (optional)

We subsequently check whether the action plan was sufficient and discuss with you whether you need further support on certain topics.

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