Our Micromata magazine

Our Micromata magazine

Reading makes you smart. Here you can download our Micromata magazine „Quelltext“.
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Quelltext Edition 02-2022

25 years Micromata. That is 25 years of pioneering spirit, innovative strength, experience and dedication. For a digitalization that not only advances our customers, but leads us all into a promising future. We are dedicating this issue of Quelltext to the second half of our anniversary year. We ENTER THE FUTURE. Join us!

Quelltext Edition 01-2022

25 years of Micromata. In this issue we celebrate the first half of our anniversary year.

Quelltext Edition 02-2021

Hardening code, securing infrastructure, protecting data. A portrait of our holistic IT security.

Quelltext Edition 01-2021

IT’s magic. Mit unseren hochwertigen und erlesenen Zutaten sorgen wir dafür, dass dass die Digitalisierung gelingt. 

Quelltext-Ausgabe 01-2020

We recommend moving to the cloud. And us as experienced and professional movers.

Quelltext Edition 02-2019

Technical progress is driven by innovations. How we nurture and build on our innovative strength.

Quelltext Edition 01-2019

How much of a human is actually in Machine Learning? A showcase based on e-commerce data.

Quelltext Edition 02-2018

Graph databases offer many correct answers to the increasing data abundance and complexity.

Quelltext Edition 01-2018

The Internet is (not) a steam engine. On the advantages and prospects of digitization.

Quelltext Edition 02-2017

20 years of Micromata. That is far more than the sum of these years. Go with us on a little journey through time.

Quelltext edition 01-2017

In this issue we celebrate our birthday – 20 years of Micromata. Have a look and celebrate with us.

Quelltext edition 02-2016

The GANZTAG+ project aims to improve everyday school life in all-day schools. How? We explain that here.

Micromata. A galactic journey.

Micromata – A Galactic Journey: Ever been to the universe? We take you with us into the Micromata universe. Have fun!

Quelltext edition 01-2016

How clean is our water? The VAMINAP research project provides clarity. You can read this and more here.

Quelltext Edition 01-2015

Micromata is now officially a Great Place to Work®. You can find out how this came about and much more here.

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