Our Micromata magazine

Our Micromata magazine

Reading makes you smart. Here you can download our Micromata magazine “Source Code”.
Have fun!

Quelltext edition 01-2021

IT’s magic. With our high-quality and select ingredients, we ensure that your IT landscapes can unfold their full magic. In this latest issue of Source Code, we tell you about the ingredients in detail.

Quelltext edition 01-2020

We recommend moving to the cloud. And us as experienced and professional movers.

Quelltext edition 02-2019

Technical progress is driven by innovations. How we nurture and build on our innovative strength.

Quelltext edition 01-2019

How much of a human is actually in Machine Learning? A showcase based on e-commerce data.

Quelltext edition 02-2018

Graph databases offer many correct answers to the increasing data abundance and complexity.

Quelltext edition 01-2018

The Internet is (not) a steam engine. On the advantages and prospects of digitization.

Quelltext edition 02-2017

20 years of Micromata. That is far more than the sum of these years. Go with us on a little journey through time.

Quelltext edition 01-2017

In this issue we celebrate our birthday – 20 years of Micromata. Have a look and celebrate with us.

Quelltext edition 02-2016

The GANZTAG+ project aims to improve everyday school life in all-day schools. How? We explain that here.

Micromata. A galactic journey.

Micromata – A Galactic Journey: Ever been to the universe? We take you with us into the Micromata universe. Have fun!

Quelltext edition 01-2016

How clean is our water? The VAMINAP research project provides clarity. You can read this and more here.

Quelltext edition 01-2015

Micromata is now officially a Great Place to Work®. You can find out how this came about and much more here.

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