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Software Engineering

Playful security

Security is a big topic. On the one hand, it is individual and requires deep knowledge of the systems and the business processes. On the other hand, it is so complex that expert knowledge in the field of security is necessary. Matthias Altmann and Claudius Link show how to transfer IT security knowledge into practice in a playful way.

Speakers: Matthias Altmann (Micromata) und Claudius Link

Software Engineering

How to turn your monolith into a kick-ass cloud solution

Everyone is talking about cloud and microservices. Inevitable buzzwords like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Graylog, CI/CD and so on are mentioned… But in this presentation, Sebastian Hardt shows us how to make a historically grown monolith fit for the cloud.


Speaker: Sebastian Hardt

Software Engineering

Tidy at last: Clean Code increases software quality

Like in a kitchen with many cooks, developers work on a common code base day after day, sometimes for years. If you don’t have your source code under control, you create technical debt. We can effectively counteract this danger with Clean Code.

Speaker: Arkadius Roczniewski

Software Engineering

Workshop zum Digitaltag 2021: Vorsicht, giftige Post!

Social engineering is the term we use to describe the attempt to exploit the biggest security vulnerability of all – us humans. The gateways for this type of criminal manipulation range from the front door to the telephone to the e-mail inbox. A workshop about phishing & co. and how we can protect ourselves.

Speaker: Matthias Altmann

Software Engineering

Domain Driven Design - so that your code speaks plain language

DDD not only helps to avoid technical misunderstandings between the stakeholders involved in a project, but also establishes clarity and unambiguity about the functional and technical parameters in the specification in particular – and thus creates the prerequisite for high code quality.

Speaker: Daniel Ludwig


Larry and Bill: Big Data or Big Pile of Poo?

In times of Big Data and NoSQL, relational databases seem to be going out of fashion. This presentation will show that this is very much not the case. If we know how to use them properly, they can do much more than we give them credit for today – and they also scale well in the face of growing data volumes.

Speaker: Steve Ulrich

IT Security

Workshop Security Games

IT security is often understood as a dry, abstract topic that is handled by a few experts who are just as dry. But that’s not true, and it doesn’t work that way. On the contrary, you need as many perspectives from as many stakeholders as possible to achieve a high level of security. Security games make this possible.

Speaker: Matthias Altmann (Micromata) and Claudius Link

Project Management

Fall - get up - straighten your crown - and do better in the future

In order to successfully lead complex projects to the finish line, we need not only professional project management, but also a constructive and motivating error culture. This expert lecture sheds light on its ingredients and provides a lot of practical experience.

Speaker: Petra Krug

Project Management

Inform - motivate - integrate: Mobile app for all employees

Our everyday working lives are becoming increasingly mobile. Business trips, home offices, decentralized locations. All of this presents us with completely new challenges when it comes to employee communication. In this webinar, we’ll show how digital tools can be used to meet these new dynamics and at the same time promote cohesion, identification and a shared culture within a company.

Speaker: Petra Krug, Philipp Mandler, Duo Andreas Qiu

Software Engineering Build Tool for Modular Java Projects” is a lightweight build tool for creating modular Java projects based on jshell/java. It supports a “zero install” execution mode, a simple properties file to customize the default settings and an API to create custom projects etc.

Speaker: Christian Stein


Database tuning for software developers

The disks are spinning, the CPU is glowing – and still the database queries are too slow? Don’t worry, you don’t have to change the database system or upgrade with new hardware! Instead, targeted tuning in a few, but the right places is enough.

Speaker: Steve Ulrich

Software Engineering

JUnit 5 & Project Loom

This talk not only recounts the adventures of connecting the JUnit testing interface Jupiter to the new efficient threads called fibers, but also introduces Java’s Loom project, which aims to make it easier to write, debug, and maintain concurrent applications.

  • JavaLand 2020 (cancelled)

Speaker: Christian Stein

User Experience Design UX

The future has to be invented

The future is not an act of God, but can be consciously shaped. So let’s start setting the course so that we travel to a future that corresponds to our wishes. This lecture makes us want to do so.

Speaker: Julian Mengel

IT Security

LFI/RFI - Remote Code Execution made easy

Local/Remote File Inclusion has been around for a very long time – but is still highly dangerous. This talk is about explaining LFI/RFI attacks and how to protect against them.

Speaker: Matthias Altmann

Project Management

What time is it, anyway? A practical look at the team clock

Von der Teamuhr gehört haben wir alle. Dieser Vortrag beleuchtet die verschiedenen Phasen des Teambuilding Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing und stellt hilfreiche Methoden und Werkzeuge vor, um sie zu meistern.

Speaker: Stephan Doerfel, Simon Krackrügge

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