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Heise Online

No more frustration: Clean Code helps with software quality

Tidy up at last! In line with his talk at  JUGH and IT-Tagen 2021, software developer Arkadius Roczniewski explains here how to keep our code in order, avoid legacy and technical debt, and improve collaboration in development teams, among other things.

Autor: Arkadius Roczniewski

Heise Online

SQL Injection: Targeted measures instead of block lists

The danger of SQL injections is still real. Reason enough for our IT security expert Matthias Altmann to write another article on the topic. This time with the focus on Block Lists or what works better than them.

Author: Matthias Altmann


If you like Kotlin you will love Ktor

Ktor is a modern framework for web servers and clients written in Kotlin, which consistently focuses on the essentials. With the increasing popularity of Kotlin, there is also a desire for a web framework that fits perfectly with Kotlin and makes good use of its features. Philipp Mandler presents it in Javamagazin 05/2021.

Author: Philipp Mandler

Java aktuell

sqlmap - how to minimize the risk of SQL injections

If you have already read Matthias Altmann’s article on NoSQL injections in Java aktuell 4/2020, you will also be able to do a lot with this. Because similar to those, these are also a real danger for web applications and data protection. The sqlmap tool helps to prevent them.

Author: Matthias Altmann

Java aktuell

NoSQL Injections and how to prevent them

With the increasing popularity of NoSQL databases, the risk of them becoming the target of cyberattacks is also growing. This article first describes the threat situation and then provides practical tips for defending against NoSQL injections.

Author: Matthias Altmann

Java Spektrum

Domain Driven Design in Practice

The type and characteristics of software depend heavily on its intended use. The more complex the purpose, the more complex the requirements that the software must meet. This technical article describes how Domain Drives Design helps to maintain an overview in the face of this complexity and to significantly reduce the risk of errors.

Author: Daniel Ludwig

Projektmanagement aktuell

About an error culture that makes us strong and agile

Nur wer nichts macht, macht keine Fehler – so viel steht fest. Wenn es uns gelingt, konstruktiv mit ihnen umzugehen, können wahre Chancen daraus werden. Dieser Fachbeitrag gibt einen Einblick in eine konstruktive Fehlerkultur und macht deutlich, wie und warum diese wichtig ist – auch und insbesondere in einem agilen Projektumfeld.

Author: Petra Krug

Java aktuell & produktbezogen.de

What time is it, anyway? A practical look at the team clock

A team goes through various phases of collaboration: forming, storming, norming, performing. This article describes what this means and which pitfalls can be mastered in which way.

Authors: Stephan Doerfel und Simon Krackrügge


Women in Tech. Interview with Data Scientist Laura Fink

Women in technical professions are still rare. But the few that do exist are happy to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of female STEM professionals. For example, in this interview series that is well worth reading.

Interview with Laura Fink

Technik Nordhessen

Artificial intelligence needs human intelligence

In this article, Data Scientist Stephan Doerfel explains what artificial intelligence and custom software have in common.

Author: Stephan Doerfel

Heise Developer

File Inclusions: Small mistake, fatal effect

The devil is often in the details. This article describes how software developers can drastically reduce the risk of file inclusion. Because IT security starts with the code.

Author: Matthias Altmann

IT Daily 10/19

Quantum computing and its implications for IT security

The computing power of computers is constantly increasing. The fastest of its kind is the quantum computer. Find out here what impact its market launch will have on IT security. The article appeared in the print edition and can also be found on our blog (German).

Author: Matthias Altmann

IT Daily

Exploratory testing - why it makes sense

In the age of digitalization, many things are being automated. Nevertheless, there are areas where humans are still the better choice for the foreseeable future. One example is exploratory testing, which examines the user-friendliness of software.

Author: Hauke Stender

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