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Micromata GmbH
Micromata GmbH
Marie-Calm-Str. 1-5
34131 Kassel
Tel: +49 561 31 67 93-0
Fax: +49 561 31 67 93-11
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Niederlassung Bonn
Menuhinstraße 8
53113 Bonn
Tel: +49 228 9359-7484
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We dedicate ourselves

Nothing is for granted. Not our own success, nor a healthy planet, nor a functional community. Humanity bears responsibility for all of these. As a successful software company we dedicate ourselves:


Java User Group Hessen

We founded the Java User Group Hessen back in 2009 in order to provide a vivid know-how transfer for Java enthusiasts.


Webmontag Kassel

The Web Monday Kassel unites web users, developers, founders, employers, researchers, bloggers, podcasters, designers and various others interested in Web 2.0.

World Usability Day

We support the World Usability Day, which takes place once a year and is dedicated to the usability improvement of all kinds of technical tools and devices.


Commitment to social projects

Stadtfüchse Licherode

Once a year we fund an ecological education week for school children at the ecological country house Licherode.


Oxfam Trailwalker

We regularly start at the Oxfam Trailwalker for the benefit of Africa.


The Race of the Tiger Ducks

Micromata is a main sponsor at the yearly Tiger Duck Race conducted by the Soziale Hilfe association and funds other related projects.


Freiwillig in Kassel!

Once a year we get involved in the 'Bundesfreiwilligentag', which is a day in Germany to voluntarily help your fellow men in various practical projects.

Commitment to culture

Staatstheater Kassel

We help the State Theatre in Kassel to realize different artistic projects, such as for example 'creation moves' with Royston Maldoom in 2013.


Kasseler Kunstverein

We support the art assiciation "Kasseler Kunstverein e. V." on request. The last project was the exhibition 'Hello World!' in 2013.


We donate the prize money at the anual Golden Cube Award of the film and video festival Dokfest in Kassel.


Music Days Kassel

We support the creative competition of young people at the Music Days of Kassel (Kasseler Musiktage, KMT).



Spielsalon Kassel

We support the Spielsalon Kassel, which is a festival for artistic and contentwise demanding computer games.


Youth promotion

Girls' Day

Software is something for girls! We participate in the Girls Day and thus support the female offspring in technical professions.


TSG Wilhelmshöhe

Football shirts have to be financed too! It's our pleasure to do so!


The project »Juniorwahl« which is at no charge annually carried out with the Micromata voting software POLYAS.


TSV Vellmar

Football shirts and competitions have to be financed too! It's our pleasure to do so!