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 – Volkswagen setzt auf Java-Technologie
Volkswagen setzt auf Java-Technologie

A marketing platform for the Beetle & Co.

Volkswagen is a global player with a worldwide spread sales structure. To provide access to the necessary corporate promotion material for every single Volkswagen dealer, the company runs a marketing platform which has been realised by Micromata.

The easiest-path-goal theory

Volkswagen runs an individual marketing platform in the area of Aftersales, which has been built by Micromata. Originally planned for German Volkswagen dealers, it is now going to be enhanced for VW traders worldwide.

A big company like Volkswagen with central corporate marketing and a local distribution structure faces many challenges: extended communication channels entail drawn-out coordination processes, especially in the sector of B-to-B and B-to-C publications. Furthermore, successful global marketing should allow for differences between the countries, and take their diversity into account. It is essential here to appeal to all different target groups.

Fact Card

For more information read our fact card Volkswagen-Marketingplattform (German version)

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