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Genomics – The future of logistics has already begun
The future of logistics has already begun


Genomcis is hosted on a Java Enterprise server which is connected to a high-capacity internet exchange point. All interfaces to all concerned IT-systems of each user are provided here.


Manfred Menze
Project Manager Manfred Menze

Advanced logistics

InWeSt is a multidisciplinary combination of two different technologies and provides improved control of swap trailers and a more efficient scheduling of transport routes.

Everybody likes the variety of goods in our department stores. But nearly nobody appreciates the high traffic volume which is caused by the transport of all these goods across the country. And since climate change has become a major issue in international politics, this unease is growing. InWeSt is a technology project to control trailer swaps more intelligently and optimise freight traffic in order to give the streets and the planet some pollution relief.


Genomics is a middleware made by Micromata which generates the most efficient routes for charge carriers by using so-called evolutionary algorithms. This allows logisticians to control their freight transport more efficiently. As a result they are able to lower their costs as well as to protect the planet from needless emissions.

Case Study

Read our case study regarding InWeSt for more information (German version).


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