Training as software developer and student internships

Do you like programming? But a computer science degree seems too dry for you? No problem for us. Because Micromata has been training IT specialists for application development since 2014. Because we think that a dual vocational training is a sensible mixture of theory and practice and a great preparation for your professional life.

Apply? And how!

We are convinced that everyone nerds out about something. However, very few people love writing applications. For this reason, we have summarized the most important points for you here. So that you know how applying works for us.

Compile application documents

We carefully review every application. In order to be able to do this promptly and effectively, your complete application documents help us: a meaningful cover letter, your resume, relevant references and certificates, as well as the indication of your desired salary.

Apply on your own initiative

We don’t currently have a position that suits you? Then feel free to send us an unsolicited application! The more precisely you describe your job expectations, your skills and yourself, the more accurately we can review your application.

Fill out application form

We should definitely get to know you? Please add our completed application form to your application documents. And tell us more about your successes, skills, goals and aspirations. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Enter the applicant pool

The essence of selection lies in the decision. Sometimes, unfortunately, the applicant profile and the company’s needs do not match for the moment. In this case, the first step is to enter our applicant pool. Because we want to stay in contact with you.

Our vacancies

There is a lot going on at Micromata: We are growing and are always looking for new colleagues. Do you want to work with a bunch of friendly nerds or are you a nerd yourself? Then apply either on your own initiative via jobs@micromata.de or in response to one of our job advertisements.

All applications are processed conscientiously and answered as quickly as possible. Please understand that this may occasionally take a little longer – we receive a lot of application mail. If the selection process takes longer, we will send out notifications of receipt as well as interim notifications to keep you up to date. If you still haven’t received a response from us within a week of sending your application, you are welcome to call us to check – also so that we can rule out any loss in the digital mail.

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