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Titelbild unseres Talks zum Thema IT Security bei der OOP Konferenz 2022

… IT security! As IT security is an important topic, especially when developing software. But it is seen as complex and is holding everyone back, often put off until the end and delegated to an external person or group.

Therefore effective security needs to be a continuous part of the development process and to involve the whole team.

Security games can help to achieve this. They involve the whole team and facilitate the learning and application of security principles. They offer a way to integrate expert knowledge and make security less scary, maybe even fun.

Zu den Speakern

Matthias Altmann is a software developer and IT security expert at Micromata GmbH, where he and his colleagues oversee and develop the IT security area. He is also co-founder and organizer of the IT Security Meetup Kassel, a network of IT security enthusiasts dedicated to professional exchange on the topic. More information on his blog.

Claudius Link is working in IT since 1994 in roles from system and network administration, support, software development, development manager to information security officer. During this time he worked in different domains. Ranging from medical devices and laboratory systems, numerical simulations, transportation, financial industry, through security software and as information security officer for a medium sized subsidiary of a global enterprise.

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Jule Witte

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