We are Micromata. Since 1997, we have been developing custom-fit software solutions for large companies in the logistics, automotive, medical technology, energy and raw materials extraction sectors. In doing so, we combine many years of experience with great technical know-how and dedication to the matter at hand. This is how software is created that not only meets its respective use case, but also contributes significantly to the success of our customers.

Software to fall in love with

Software to fall in love with

Open source technology

We use open source technology almost exclusively. Because we also believe that shared knowledge has a double effect.

The best solution is customized

Our core competencies are Java 1.6+ Java EE, databases, web technology & interface programming. Thereby we move cross-field to find the best solution for each customer.

Success is programmable

The more successful the software, the better the business. Our software does not promise success, it simply causes it itself.

Why Micromata?

We always work at the highest technical and professional level. Our core competencies are software development, requirements engineering, user experience design, IT security and project management. Together they form the pillars of our success – and yours!

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Innovative power

The more minds involved in the further development of an IT technology, the more clever thoughts and sensible ideas flow in and provide a boost to creativity and modernity.

Accuracy of fit

Java lets you tailor virtually anything. Nothing has to be adapted, rebuilt or bent beyond recognition. We manufacture everything from scratch to fit exactly – „from scratch“, as we call it.

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What is used and developed worldwide automatically remains state-of-the-art. In the fast-moving Internet age, this is an important condition for your long-term digital success. After all, you don’t want your software to be yesterday’s news tomorrow.


Open source technologies are manufacturer-independent. This gives you, the customer, the advantage of not having to commit to a specific manufacturer later on. Of course, you have the final say when it comes to technology.

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On time, on scope, on budget

Projects move between the conflicting priorities of duration, scope of services and budget. We move within this coordinate system with such confidence and experience that we can realize even the most complex orders on time, on scope, on budget – and of course without compromising on quality.

Know-how transfer

We believe in a lively transfer of know-how. For us, this is the best way to keep our skills up to date. And of course we are happy when we can inspire others and share some of our own knowledge. The following initiatives are an expression of this philosophy:

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