A brief Micromata history

For 20 years Micromata has stood for excellent software development

2001 until today

Development and support of highly scalable online franking (industry: logistics)

2004 until today

Development and support of digital shipment tracking (industry: logistics)

Development and support of international marketing software (industry: automotive)


Board election of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e. V. (GI) (25,000 eligible voters) with online election software POLYAS


Opening of the Micromata branch in Bonn

2008 to 2016

Development of an international customer portal (industry: energy supply)

2008 until today

Development and support of a collection system for private and business customers (industry: logistics)


Foundation of the Java User Group Hessen as a free open source community for Java experts


2010 until today

Supporting operational gas trading with a digital pricing tool (industry: energy supply)

2010 until 2014

Interdisciplinary research project DENAID for the detection and identification of explosives in public spaces



Founding the UX team, experts in a professional user experience design


2012 until today

Development and support of a gas composition database (industry: energy supply)

Realization and further development of digital production flow management (industry: raw material extraction)

2013 until today

Development and support of a cloud-enabled shipping logistics portal (industry: logistics)


Foundation of the IT Security Team, experts in IT security

First award as Great Place to Work®


2016 until 2019

Interdisciplinary research project VAMINAP for the identification of pollutants and nanoparticles in wastewater



Appointment of Stéphanie Naujock (Head of HR) and Alexander Podlich (Head of BU) to the management

Recognition with the Sustained Excellence Award at the Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Double award at the Innovation Award IT:

  • for GANZTAG+ (category industry software) and
  • for a colorectal cancer screening app (category e-Health)

2017 until today

Development and support of a central offer database (Industry: Automotive)

Development and support of a modern Identity & Access Management (Industry: Pharma)

Development of a Big Data platform for the analysis of relevant KPIs (Industry: Automotive)

2019 until today

Development and support of a mobile employee app (industry: public utilities)

Micromata today -
precise software solutions
and innovative research

In addition to extensive orders from large companies in the logistics, automotive, medical technology, energy and raw materials extraction sectors, Micromata pursued future-oriented research projects early on, which in turn contributed to the innovative potential of the company – and continue to do so today. Outstanding examples from this area include Energiefrosch, which was spun off as Enercast GmbH in 2011 under the leadership of Thomas Landgraf and offers performance forecasts for wind power and solar plants, and the aforementioned POLYAS, which has been achieving great success in the field of online elections since 2012 as POLYAS GmbH. A more recent research project with high added value for society is VAMINAP. Here, Micromata is developing the software solution for a portable terminal device for the detection of minute particles, such as microplastics or pharmaceutical residues, in water as part of a research alliance.

From 2011 to 2017, Kai Reinhard led Micromata’s fortunes as sole managing director and steadily developed the company with a unique blend of pioneering spirit, experience and team spirit. Since 2017, Stéphanie Naujock and Alexander Podlich have complemented the management team to form a strong team. Today, the company has over 150 employees and is not only one of the most sought-after providers for individual software development, intelligent industrial software as well as groundbreaking Big Data solutions, but also one of the most attractive employers in Germany.

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