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 – Java in the underground
Java in the underground

Projects with K+S

One of the most precious resources is buried deep below the ground: salt. For more than 100 years the K+S AG has brought it to daylight - since 2004 with the help of Micromata software.


With GeoBASE II K+S works successfully below ground. The second generation of GeoBASE has been developed by Micromata and is much more convenient and affords higher performance than its forerunner. More

K+S Flex Frontends

In cooperation with K+S IT Micromata has set up three frontends with a high ease of use. The instrument of choice: Adobe Flex. More

Latest news

Lucky Return!

15.03.2013 - 

Recount of Micromata’s excursion to the K+S Salt-Mine Merkers


Micromata comes in third during the Innovation Prize IT 2010

05.03.2010 - 

In front of hundreds of guests from the economy sector, the political sector as well as the Information and...[more]