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  • Legally binding online elections
  • Highest security and quality standards
  • Decrease of voting costs
  • International and multilingual
  • Alternative or additional to conventional votings
  • Good by experience: in action since 1996
  • More than 750.000 votings


Kai Reinhard
Geschäftsführer Kai Reinhard

Vote online with POLYAS

POLYAS is Germany's first legally binding voting system for the internet. Made by Micromata, it is specifically designed for unions and associations.

POLYAS leads the ancient idea of democracy into the 21th century and adapts it to the age of internet. Especially for unions and associations POLYAS provides a good opportunity to bring together all members from all over the world, to one single virtual ballot box.

Complying to legal voting policy, POLYAS safeguards anonymous voting while ensuring transparent voting procedure.

Furthermore, POLYAS helps you to reduce your voting costs without forfeiting necessary data security. The application allows a shorter and faster voting process and eliminates the usual consumption of paper.

If you decide to vote with POLYAS, we support the election right from the start and supervise the whole process as an independent and neutral service provider. As such, we guarantee the highest standards of quality and security and a professional organisation and execution of the whole voting event.

POLYAS has been successfully in action since 1996. Since then, customers and users have appreciated our software's efficiency and data security. With our software, discover a new way to vote safely via the internet!

Kai Reinhard EVOTE 2012

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Interview on POLYAS with Kai Reinhard at EVOTE2012

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