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Quelltext: The Micromata Magazine

Every now and then we report in our magazine «Quelltext» about our daily work, recent projects and current engagements. Here you can review the single releases. Just go ahead ... 



Quelltext - 01 | 2014

Crime scene internet: Learn more about safety for your software application in the latest Quelltext magazine. More

Quelltext - 02 | 2013

Welcome to the paper bits jumble! This winter's Quelltext invites you in the world of Scrum. More

Quelltext - 01 | 2013

Butterflies are professionals too. Read more about it in the latest Quelltext magazine. More

Quelltext - 02 | 2012

On behalf of usability: This Quelltext explains the most important parameters of User Experienced Design. Read more

Quelltext - 01 | 2012

Civil security is a valuable good. Please find out how to protect it with the help of modern IT technology (German). More

Quelltext - 02 | 2011

Learn more about Micromata's attempts to broaden and deepen it's knowledge by simply sharing it (German). Mehr

Quelltext - 01 | 2011

Java - No other software technology is as independent, as manifold and as dynamic (German). More

Quelltext - 03 | 2010

Find out more about how IT supports your parcel delivery man and about the creative potentials of Northern Hessen (German). More

Quelltext - 02 | 2010

Please have a look at online voting and find out how secure web 2.0 can be (German). More

Quelltext - 01 | 2010

Here you learn how to protect the enviroment with the help of modern software technology (German). More