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July 2015 - HNA reports on the new R & D project of Micromata, POLYAS and TU Darmstadt: FlexiVote. Read more (German)

July 2015 - The Turkish Kassel Magazin reports on the Volunteer's Day's project at Park Schönfeld, in which Micromata took part too. Read more (German)

June 2015 - Micromata has been awarded the "Company of the Month June 2015" by the State Chancellery of Hesse. HNA reports. Read more (German)

June 2015 - Micromata receives the Ruban d'Honneur medal of the European Business Awards in London. Jérôme reports. Read more (German)

May 2015 - Guest commentary of Kai Reinhard in the magazine Soziale Hilfe aktuell. Read more (German)

May 2015 - HNA introduces the supporters of the Tiger Duck Race 2015. Amongst them: Micromata. Read more (German)

April 2015 - Micromata now is officially a great employer. The IHK magazine reports. Read more (German)

March 2015 - HNA reports on the Great Place to Work award of Micromata. Read more (German)

March 2015 - The IHK magazine Wirtschaft Nordhessen reports on Micromata's sucess at the European Business Awards 2014/2015. Read more (German)

February 2015 - Micromata has been awarded a Ruban d'Honneur bearer at the European Business Awards. HNA reports. Read more (German)

January 2015 - New year, new tights. Micromata provides new sweat suits for the E2 soccer youth of TSG Wilhelmshöhe. HNA reports. Read more (German)

January 2015 - The IHK magazine Wirtschaft Nordhessen reports on Micromata's success at the EBA 2014/2014. Read more (German)

December 2014 - Micromata has been awarded an EBA National Champion 2014/2015. HNA reports. Read more (German)

November 2014 - HNA reports on the final ceremony of the Documentary and Video Film Festival (Dokfest) of Kassel. Read more (German)

November 2014 - The IHK magazine "Wirtschaft Nordhessen" about the North Hessian Health Awards 2014. Read more (German)

October 2014 - Micromata won silver at the North Hessian Health Awards. HNA reports. Read more (German)

October 2014 - The local magazine Höhenflug reports on the project Plant for the Planet and it's support from POLYAS. Read more (German)

September 2014 - HNA note on the Micromata Cup 2014 at the sports association TSG Wilhelmshöhe. Read more (German)

September 2014 - HNA reports on the dedication of Micromata for the Art Association in Kassel. Read more (German)

September 2014 - Höhenflug magazine reports on Micromata's support of ROCK YOUR LIFE! Read more (German)

July 2014 - Volunteers Day in Kassel. Micromata helps trimming apple trees. HNA reports. Read more (German)

Mai 2014 - HNA reports on the "Tiger Duck Race" 2014. Read more (German)

February 2014 - HNA: Kassels software Company arranges scientific network for product safety. Read more (German)

January 2014 - HNA: Micromata programs software for industry. Read more (German)

December 2013 - Wirtschaft Nordhessen: Protestant church 'Kurhessen Waldeck' (EKKW) elected online . Read more (German)

December 2013 - Kai Reinhard as a guest speaker at the panel discussion on behalf of the creative industries in North Hesse. Jérôme reports online. Read more (German)

November 2013 - HNA: Solidarity with houseless in town: Soziale Hilfe starts donation campaign. Read more (German)

November 2013 - HNA: Bitnik wins the 'Golden Cube'. Read more (German)

November 2013 - City magazine Jérôme reports online on the support of Micromata for für Flying Hope e. V. Read more (German)

November 2013 - HNA: Micromata was awarded as hessian finalist at the 'Großer Preis des Mittelstandes' grant. Read more (German)

November 2013 - POLYAS eID wins first prize at the eIDEE contest of the Bundesdruckerei. Read more (German)

October 2013 - Kassel's city magazine Jérôme reports on "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes". Read more (German)

October 2013 - Kai Reinhard compliments Kassel on 1100 years town history. Read more (German)

October 2013 - The IHK magazine "Wirtschaft Nordhessen" 10/2013 reports on Micromata's encouragement for Junior elections. Read more (German)

Voluntary day: More than 20 voluntaries carried reed off the isle in Kassels Bugalake. Read more (German)

September 2013 - Micromata supports the Juniorelectionproject for schoolmates. Read more (German)

September 2013 - First online election of the Evangelische Kirche Kurhessen-Waldeck with POLYAS. Read more (German)

September 2013 - Volunteer's Day again on September 28 in Kassel. Read more (German)

July 2013 - Soccer Youth was invited by TSG Wilhelmshöhe for the first Micromata Cup. Read more (German)

June 2013 - The Tigerentenrennen 2013 is again supported by Micromata. Read more (German)

Avril 2013 - Micromata supports the danceproject "creation moves". Read more (German)

February 2013 - Kai Reinhard reports on the company's philosophy regarding modern personnel work. Read more (German)

February 2013 - The football youth of the TSV 1892 Vellmar pleased about brand new track suits. Read more (German)

January 2013 - HNA appoints Micromata as offspring of the University of Kassel. Read more (German)

November 2012 - HNA compliments the awardees of the 29th Kasseler Dokfest and appreciates the donors. Read more (German)

November 2012 - HNA: Miromata prize winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award for the third time. Read more (German)

Oktober 2012 - Micromata  awarded second place at "Gesunde Betriebe Nordhessen". HNA reports. Read more (German)

Oktober 2012 - Micromata supports the environment education center in Licherode. Marbachshoehe.net reports. Read more (German)

September 2012 - Well done. HNA reports on our Oxfam Trailwalker. Read more (German)

August 2012 - Micromata's walk for a good cause, HNA reports. Read more (German)

July 2012 - HNA reports on Micromata sponsoring of "Artists in Residence" of TOKONOMA. Read more (German)

Summer 2012 - Höhenflug reports on Girls' Day at Micromata. Read more (German)

 May 2012 - HNA portraits the main sponsors of the 10th Tiger duck race 2012. Read more (German)

April 2012 - HNA.de introduces main sponsors of 10th Tiger Duck Race in Kassel. Read more (German)

March 2012 - The IHK-Magazin "Wirtschaft Nordhessen" 3/2012 reports on DENAID. Read more (German)

March 2012 - Studienguide Informatik 2012 portraits Micromata GmbH. Read more (German)

 February 2012 - HNA reports about DENAID. Read more (German)

January 2012 - Marco Sebastiao writes at Heise Developer about Micromata project. Read more (German)

Dezember 2011 - The FRIZZ Magazine prints little Micromata profile. Read more (German)