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Continuous Delivery with Axel Fontaine

Review of the latest JUGH seminar

24. September 2012 - 

 Special guest at the JUGH on 14 September 2012 was Axel Fontaine - expert in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment - honouring the technically-minded seminar attendees with one of his special lectures. 

A paradigm shift has taken place in the field of software development during the last few years: Agile Software Development describes a software development process that involves stream-lining, introducing more flexibility and dynamics 

achieved through incremental procedures during the programming as well as implementation of the software (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery). 

With the help of automation Axel Fontaine aims at streamlining development processes thus reducing expenditures to a minimum: instead of initiating a system down-time for the launch of a software or the migration into a new system, everything happens automatically and whilst the system is still in operation.

Axel Fontaine co-developed the tool Flyway, which is aimed at optimising the developmental process through automatic maintenance of data bank changes; similar results are provided through unit and integration tests. 

Visitors of the JUGH seminar left feeling satisfied as they gained new knowledge as well as having their own avenues of approaches confirmed. 

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