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Taking the plunge! An introductory course to diving

Lars Bruhnke, Matthias Altmann, Kai and Fin Reinhard plunged themselves into the water at the public pool in Königslutter! Equipped with a compressed air cyclinder, diving mask, buoancy compensator device and flippers they had a look at the world from below.

26. September 2012 - 

and came to the astounding conclusion

 that gravity appears to be a phenomenon of the earth's surface and seems to be neutralised below water. 

'A feeling of absence of gravity is typical for diving,' explains Lars Bruhnke, experienced diver who has now assumed the role of a diving instructor. 'That feeling of weightlessness also extends to the mind: stress and worries are left behind at the water's surface and divers find themselves in a state of equilibrium.' 

Kai Reinhard, Micromata's director who has a vested interest in the physical and emotional health of his members of staff agrees and hopes to be able to offer the diving experience to other employees some time soon.