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Everything as it should be?

New features on Volkswagen marketing platform provide overview over the status of marketing costs subsidies.

24. January 2012 - 

The marketing platform 'vw-service-werbung.de' provides all Volkswagen associates (dealers, car warehouses, garages) with necessary promotional literature on Volkswagen services, accessories and repair. Since April 2011 the software developed by Micromata offers another feature providing an overview over any upcoming sales campaigns and the status of marketing costs subsidies: registrated Volkswagen associates are since able to check which sales campaigns they have been participating in and check how far their application for marketing costs subsidies has been processed. 

A simple traffic light system is used to display the status: green signifies that the quota for orders of promotional tools has been achieved within the promotional period. If yellow is displayed it indicates that it has not quite been achieved yet. To describe the status of the marketing costs subsidies the following terms are used: 'documented', 'considered for subsidies' and 'paid out'.

 In order to display this type of information clearly online the new feature has got a backend view, allows Volskswagen personnel to document and manage all relevant data. "In order to achieve optimum results during the development of new software technological competence is not the only part in the equation.The ability of the developers to put themselves into the shoes of the software users is as important as it enables them to establish the users' individual needs." explains Mrs Pamela Albrecht-Schock from the Volkswagen Service Germany department (VSD). "During the realisation of the new feature it was our aim to extend the user-friendliness of the marketing platform and we took the requirements of Volkswagen associates directly into consideration when we cooperated with Volkswagen Service Germany." adds Alexander Podlich, Project Manager of the Micromata-Volkswagen team. 

Users will benefit from this close cooperation between Micromata and Volkswagen Service Germany (VDS) as the portal is a result of highly functional user designs and technically excellent software architecture.