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Java Hendrix: Hacking on Stage with Java Rock Star Adam Bien

Press Release: Is rock’n roll dead? No way! The music is played even in places where noone would expect it, i.e. in the field of software development. Recent example is Java Rock Star Adam Bien’s guest appearance who had been invited by Micromata to come to Kassel to attend the Java User Group Hessen back in June.

03. July 2012 - 

Trusting the words of the audience Adam Bien indeed deserves the title 'Jave Rock Star' - this man runs the show! His lectures and workshops are not quite as noisy and messy as festivals, however, the level of passion and devotion are en par. 

Bien has a talent for creating enthusiasm amongst his knowledgable audience. It appears that he uses his instrument - the Java Enterprise Edition - with a virtuosity of the kind Jimi Hendrix used his guitar. Christian Claus comments: "It is admirable in what way Adam Bien can answer even the most complex questions posed by his audience - with a certain playfulness and sovereignty. Claus' team colleagues Mario Gross and Hendrik Thole agree with him and add that there are only very few people who are able to demonstrate what amazing things can be programmed with only a few lines of Java-EE-Code.

 Senior developer Tung Ngo appreciates Adam Bien's internationality the most: "Adam Bien travels the globe as freelancer. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet him personally will profit from his global experiences and learn how certain technical challenges are being met in other parts of the world. Java is a popular programming language thanks to its high level of innovation." 

Adam Bien visited Kassel on two dates: on 29 June he had a guest appearance at the JUGH at the university of Kassel and on 30 June he held a workshop for Micromata's members of staff.