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Micromata sponsors TOKONOMA

Press Release: Kassel, Juli 2012. Kassel, July 2012. Micromata GmbH, located in Kassel, Software Development Company sponsors the Documenta Entrance fees for ‘Artists in Residence’ of the Art Initiative TOKONOMA.

26. July 2012 - 

Micromata has been a highly successful software development company since 1996. It owes its success partly to newcomer talents emerging from the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Kassel.

Kassel is considered a City of the Arts – not only during the time of the Documenta but every single day of the year thanks to its Art Academy and the new up-and-coming artists the college delivers.  

Micromata has a keen interest in supporting up-and-coming artists within Kassel. Micromata endorses the notion that ‘Artists in Residence’ is a project with international character as it offers young artists from all over the world the opportunity to live and work in the TOKONOMA studio for a few weeks and to use the city of Kassel itself as raw material for their art.

Wolfgang Jung, a highly creative software developer at Micromata explains: “There are two reasons why the project ‘Artists in Residence’ is of such important nature: First of all, it offers young people to enter into a creative exchange with other countries and cultures. Second of all, I think that Kassel provides the perfect setting for the development of new, original ideas because the city itself is a location full of contrasts and contradictions.

At the picture: Portuguese guest artist Maria Trabulo with her Documenta ticket and Aiko Okamoto from TOKONOMA.

Learn more about TOKONOMA.