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EVOTE2012: A review

Press Release: The fifth international conference for electronic election tools – EVOTE2012 – was completed successfully. More than 100 experts from all over the world discussed the topic of electronic elections at Schloss Hofen near Begrenz between July 11th and 14th 2012.

19. July 2012 - 

EVOTE takes place every two years and every time participants from 32 different countries and from various back-grounds including government, research institutes and manufacturers come and attend the event. Kai Reinhard represented Micromata as the developer of the online election system POLYAS. The event was opened on July 11th 2012 with a meeting between 27 members of the Council of Europe 

representing 16 different countries and institutions and debated the development of electronic elections that had taken place over the last two years.

The main program was ambitious, varied and challenging including field reports on Internet Voting from Norway, Belgium and Switzerland and accounts on the verification processes of valid votes using POLYAS, information on an English model of a 'supervised verifiable voting protocol' as well as socio-cultural, organisational and technical parameters of e-voting and the possibility of the application of electronic election tools within Latin America.

 Manuel Kripp, expert of internet-based voting technologies summaries the importance of the EVOTE conference with the following words: "In order to advance in the field of e-voting generally speaking and particularly from a political as well as technological point of view an international exchange amongst specialists is invaluable and the discussions that are taking place during the EVOTE are of an exceptional high quality."

Interview on POLYAS with Kai Reinhard, CEO of Micromata.