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Play Station can wait. Micromata supports Stadtfüchse Licherode

Press Release: Some children’s world spreads across school, play-station, television and the Internet only, especially in urban areas where families with low socio-economic status live. Their children in particular are exposed merely to digital stimuli and the real-life frustration.

10. October 2012 - 

The Project Stadtfüchse Licherode aims at showing these children a different world, much more real and full of adventure. The starting point is at the environmental centre in Licherode and this year Micromata sponsors a class from the Carl Anton Henschel School, located in the north of Kassel.

During an entire week the children are given the opportunity

 to experience life in rural areas, explore a quarry and use soapstone to experiment and design with.

Mr. Adamaschek, project manager, reports back on how much fun the youngsters had: “The kids loved the hike through the woods to Oberellenbach. They could barely believe how beautiful the nature here in the north of Hessen is.“ Class teacher Anette Schneider adds: “The week-long trip to Licherode bestowed the children with a wealth of experiences and allowed me to interact with them within a natiral and stressfree environment. Our thanks goes out to Licherode and especially the sponsor.“ Stéphanie Naujock, human resource manager at Micromata and facilitator of the sponsoring states the reasoning behidn it as follows: “More and more children these days sit at home by themselves in front of any type of screen and expeirence a mere reflection of a manifold and fascinating world. It’s about time to counteract that development and get those children out into the fresh air.“" 

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