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 – Shared knowlegde is twice as effective
Shared knowlegde is twice as effective


Micromata reveals the sorce code of its Open Sorce projects, such as GWiki, Hibernate History, JAK, ProjectForge and Transec. More information on labs.micromata.de


Kai Reinhard
Geschäftsführer Kai Reinhard

Open Source instead of vendor lock-in

Micromata generally works with Open Source. This entails considerable benefit for our customers: they are independent from proprietary technologies.

As the name »Open Source« suggests, this kind of software reveals its source code to anyone. The basic idea is one of transparency and independence. With Open Source the software can be administrated and even enhanced by the customer himself.

The idea of transparency also contains a free expertise transfer between software developers. At labs.micromata.de we would like to be part of this philosophy and share our best practices with the worldwide developer community.

»According to our code of conduct we believe in the doubling of knowledge by sharing it with others« says Kai Reinhard, CEO of Micromata.


The interface “Java Api for KML“ was awarded third place at the Innovation Prize IT 2010 in the category Open Source.

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